La Mirada Circular route in the Bierzo region (León, Spain)

La Mirada Circular is a circular route that can be adapted into two different routes with several common areas: the Winter Route running at a lower altitude with a total length of 220 km and Summer Route reaching higher altitudes and extending to a total of 310 km. Both routes offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience, deeply embedded in natural and cultural natural and cultural heritage of this beautiful region.

Summer Route

It is quintessentially the circular route of the Bierzo Mountain, going through unforgettable natural values, landscapes and villages. The route is about 310 km long and a cumulated vertical drop of 11400 meters between the 450m of the Sil river and the 1800 meters of the Falda del Catoute, 1600 meters of the Los Ancares mountain (declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO) and the 1300 meters of the Tebaida and the Aquilian Mountains (marked as Location of Community Interest and Special Protection Area for Birds).

Winter Route

Also known as the “Caminos de Santiago” of the Bierzo region, is a lower altitude circular route designed with about 220 km and 5700 meters of cumulated vertical drop running through the intermediate mountains of the Bierzo region. Taking this route offers the incredible opportunity to cross some segments of the French way of the Camino de Santiago Francés (from Valtuille to Villafranca del Bierzo), the Winter way of the Camino de Santiago (from Paradela de Muces to Priaranza), the Camino de Santiago Labaniego (from Igueña to Quintana de Fuseros) and the Forgotten way of the Camino de Santiago (between Igueña and Baltuille de Arriba, passing through Noceda, Librán, Toreno, Tombrio, Berlanga, Villabuena, entre among other small villages).

In the basic programme we propose, each route is divided into several stages available from an average of 35 km/day, with the possibility of doing them on weekends.

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