What is La Mirada Circular?

La Mirada Circular is a circular route placed in El Bierzo (León, Spain), which was divided and adapted into two different routes: the Winter Route running at a lower altitude with a total length of 220 km and Summer Route reaching higher altitudes and extending to a total of 310 km.

Both routes hide spots to feel and live a unique experience, adapted to all types of people: children, athletes, families or even elder people. That is why we propose you to dive in this natural and magical region of El Bierzo, enjoying responsibly each place, each route and each corner.

How to do it?

Supported by Binatur – an active tourism company and travel agency based in El Bierzo region – the routes of La Mirada Circular can be done in 4 different modalities: MTB, Gravel, Hiking and Trail Running.

In order to meet the different fitness levels of our clients, the winter and summer routes have been structured in stages with several levels of difficulty. A customized solution can also be offered, if needed/requested.

Our proposal is: do it as you like and we take care of all the rest: accommodation, luggage transport, guides / self-guides, on-route support, insurance, bicycle rental, etc.


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