General operation

La Mirada Circular is a route divided into stages. It is supposed that the night will be spent at the place where the stage ends, otherwise the possibility of being transferred to a nearby accommodation will be offered.

All the material included in the passport (map, road book, tracks, etc.), except souvenir, will be provided at the start of the route.

The size of the groups of participants will depend on the modality chosen as well as on the level of the participants.


La Mirada Circular has a wide range of accommodations available to the participants. All of them have the minimum necessary services to meet the needs of the participants in the different modalities. The booking of these accommodations is integrated with the reservation of the route.

The participants of the route are subject to the general conditions defined by each one of these establishments, as any other customer.

Last minute changes in the accommodation, will imply returning the night to the place booked in advance.

Reservation, payment and cancellation

The reservation will be confirmed the week after receiving the reservation e-mail and the corresponding payment or entry fee.

The booking should be made by filling in the reservation form on this website. After doing that, you’ll receive an e-mail with a detailed program containing the stages, type of accommodation included and the total amount.

The reservation will be considered as confirmed upon the deposit of 25% of the total amount and the provision of the relevant data of all the participants of the group. The relevant data are: name and last name, ID card / passport number, date of birth, mobile phone, email and address.

Confirmation of availability. Any program is subject to the availability of the accommodation included. In the 5 days following the booking confirmation, reservations will be made for accommodation and other services included. In the event of some unavailability, participants will be informed of potential changes that can be made to the initial program. Participants will have 48 hours to accept the proposed changes. If the changes proposed within this period are not accepted, the full amount of the deposit made will be refunded; no-reply situations will be understood as tacit acceptance.

Payment. The remaining reservation amount must be paid upon arrival. Other forms of payment might be considered.


  • From the registration to 31 days before the arrival, 5% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged (management fees). The remaining amount will be refunded.
  • Between 30 and 15 days prior to the arrival, 25% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • Between 14 and the previous day of the arrival, 50% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • From the starting day of the route and during activity, 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

In the event that the cancellation affects one participant or a group of participants and not the whole reservation, the same conditions will be applied to the part of the reservation affected by the cancellation. Changes in the number of participants may influence the final price of the program.

La Mirada Circular is an outdoor activity in the middle of nature that contains a certain component of adventure. Therefore, bad weather is not a reason to suspend or modify the activity.

Booking modifications. Once the reservation has been confirmed, it will not be possible to make changes to the program, except for the possibility of adding – not changing – extra nights of accommodation or other services (subject to availability). Once the activity has started, no further changes in the program will be allowed.

Acceptance of the regulation. The booking confirmation implies the acceptance of the previously expounded conditions, as well the regulation of La Mirada Circular which can be consulted in the “Regulation” section of our website.


The abandonment of any of the participants must communicated to La Mirada Circular team the same day it occurs, and will not lead to refunding.


The participants must bring the necessary material to carry out the activity: suitable clothes and shoes. For MTB or GRAVEL, an appropriate bicycle is also needed, along with a complete set of tools and basic spare parts. It is mandatory to wear a helmet on MTB.

In case you are making La Mirada Circular without guide, try to be as self-sufficient as possible.

La Mirada Circular passes through protected natural areas, meaning that respecting the environment and surrounding biodiversity is extremely important. Keep the route clean and tidy, not throwing waste along the way.

It is possible to find some barriers along the way, which should always be left as found. Natural and cultural heritage should also be respected.

Insurance is highly recommended. When making a reservation you will have the option to take a customized insurance according to the length of the route to be taken. For more information go to the “extra” section.

Acceptance of regulation

Making a pre-reservation, requesting a budget or a booking confirmation implies the acceptance of all the points described above.


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