El Bierzo

El Bierzo region hides some unexpected surprises – nature in its purest state. History flows through its paths since ancient times and seems still untouched in some of its corners. You’ll feel in love for the magic of its mountains and feel refreshed on its rivers banks… It is a crossroads of old routes, soaked in memories and cultural traditions of different regions. El Bierzo is a jewel bathed by the golden basin of the river Sil, surrounded by unique valleys crossed by its tributaries. The mountain peaks that mantle this region form a perfect circle that hides Jacobean paths, routes, hermitage caves and ancient trees, making it an outstanding adventure.

This wonderful region holds a unique natural and cultural heritage, such as World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Biosphere, that you can enjoy by mountain bike, hiking or running.

La Mirada Circular passes by areas of high natural, historical and cultural value, reason why we believe to be providing our participants an authentic experience, which respects the highest principles of environmental sustainability, valuing some forgotten parts of the region as well as some of the most ancestral paths and routes.


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